A Champion for Kids with Scoliosis

December 15, 2022

Sierra Lowery is a native of Florida and grew up in St Petersburg, attending Pasadena Elementary, Thurgood Marshall and Boca Ciega High Schools. She loved sports from an early age and actively played on teams for AAU volleyball, track & field and cheerleading. When Sierra was 14 years old, during a routine school physical exam, she was diagnosed with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. The news was devasting and overwhelming. She was scared of what the future would hold by having this chronic condition. She did not want her life to change, as she had dreams to pursue and places to go.

For the next 5 years, Sierra tried several non-surgical options including chiropractic care and physical therapy to help alleviate the back pain that was slowly intensifying. Nothing helped. That is when she realized she had to take the leap of faith and have spinal fusion surgery. Sierra was attending Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University in the school of Allied Health Sciences. When the university closed due to COVID-19, she decided it was time to schedule a consultation with Jeffrey Neustadt, MD at Children’s Orthopaedic & Scoliosis Surgery Associates. With the help of Dr Neustadt, Sierra contacted a group of kids and young adults who were patients and recently had undergone scoliosis surgery. Their stories, friendship and encouragement helped her move forward with scheduling a date for surgery. Her spinal fusion surgery was performed over the Christmas holidays and was hugely successful. Sierra said that staying at home with her parents after the surgery gave her the needed emotional and physical support to recuperate more swiftly.

During her months of recuperation, Sierra realized she wanted to help others on their surgical journey, so she created a campaign of support by sending out cards of encouragement to kids having scoliosis surgery. She recently held a fundraiser through the Children’s Scoliosis Foundation, helping a child in Texas purchase a spinal brace. As Sierra said, “I am now working on a platform for individuals to be inspired, uplifted, and encouraged, to have faith, and to put in the work to become the best version of themselves. It will be known as Transformher1.0”.

Today Sierra is back in college at Florida A&M University. She is in the best of health, extremely happy, and studying hard. She involves herself in campus organizations, assuming leadership positions, and even owns a small business. She insists that she will never forget what it took to get to this moment, and how she will continue to help kids in the scoliwarrior community.

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