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Femoral Shaft Fractures Pre-Op, Post Op, & Recovery
Femoral Shaft Fractures
Pre-Op, Post Op, & Recovery

Children’s Orthopaedics’ skilled, board–eligible and board–certified physicians provide the latest and most accurate treatment options for children and adolescents, for both surgical and non-surgical cases. Because children are still growing, care has to be taken in treatment to assure the best possible outcomes in regards to long-term health and bone growth.

Fracture Treatment

A child’s bones have special centers where growth occurs called growth plates. These areas are weaker than solid bone and are frequently injured during athletic activity. If your child is not treated correctly, your child’s bone may not grow normally. Pediatric orthopaedic surgeons have the specialty training to recognize and treat fractures unique to children.

A child with a suspected fracture should see a pediatric orthopaedist as quickly as possible. Ideally, this means seeing a pediatric orthopaedic specialist within 5 to 7 days of the injury, especially if manipulation is required to align the bone.

At Children’s Orthopaedic and Scoliosis Surgery Associates, LLP, we have 6 fellowship-trained, pediatric orthopaedic surgeons and scoliosis specialists who understand that you want the best possible care for your children. Our specialized team offers a comprehensive approach to fracture care at conveniently located facilities.

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We not only offer casts in several different colors, but we offer casts that can get WET!

AquaCast is a waterproof, breathable, washable cast padding that is used in place of cotton and stockinette underneath fiberglass or synthetic casting tape. This accommodates moisture and wetness from perspiration, bathing, or swimming - unlike standard padding that is absorbent.

Because of the fast drying characteristics of our AquaCast waterproof casting, your child will have less skin breakdown from retained moisture, resulting in fewer unscheduled cast changes.

These benefits allow your child to bathe and swim in the pool while healing.