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Fox Family

  • Scoliosis Surgery

“Dear Dr. Neustadt,

On behalf of Rachel, I would like to thank you and your staff for everything you have done the past year. Rachel is doing great physically as well as mentally. My hopes for the surgery were to avoid scoliosis related mobility and lung problems later in life. I had no idea we would see so many immediate benefits in areas like balance and motor skills. Cognitive improvement seems to be improving along with her physical growth.

Rachel has had motor and balance issues her entire life. She is 15 years old and has never been able to master riding a bike. We spent many unsuccessful hours, on various bikes, trying to help her pedal, sit upright, and stay on a seat. Following surgery, it only took 1 try on a tandem for her to start pedaling. :) In addition to physical benefits, this type of activity provides Rachel an opportunity to be out and active with our family. This is priceless as autism is somewhat of an isolating disorder.

Your staff is great. Everyone we encountered approached Rachel's disability with an open mind, compassion, and a sense of humor.

Thanks again for all you do!”

Amy Dutton

  • Knee Injury

“My 16 yr old son hurt his knee wrestling, and was referred to this office. My first impression was a clean, comfortable waiting room, the receptionist desk was clearly marked as to which doctor you were seeing. The receptionist was very welcoming, friendly, and helpful. Our wait time was more than reasonable, actually very little wait time. Dr.Benfanti was very welcoming and friendly, answering all of our questions, didn't rush the examination, and was very informative. The check out receptionist was nice, and friendly as well. Valerie, who initionally scheduled the appointment,as well as our follow up, very friendly, and nice, and professional.”


  • Many

“Dr. Neustadt and Elizabeth.”

Holly S.

  • Broken Arm

“Everything about your office oozes professionalism. We were treated so well by everybody from the front office to the casting room. Your staff made sure our visit was trauma free for my little guy and got him back to doing what he loves. Thank you so much for taking a scary time and turning it into a positive experience.”

Pivacek Family

  • Inflamed knee cartilage from soccer, broken hand, two broken arms

“We have three kids all of who play soccer. They are ages 18, 15, and 9. Our daughter has been treated by Children's Orthopaedic twice, once for a broken arm and the other for two broken bones in her hand both due to sports injuries. Our son was also treated for a broken arm. In each case, we were tended to right away and given the best care. The kids were nervous but the staff and Doctors put them at ease. Their injuries healed perfectly and the follow up care was tremendous. We have since gone back with our other son for treatment on his knee due to sports camp. We are a sports family and there is no other place we would trust our kids to than Children's Orthopaedic!

Kim Pivacek”

Aj Molina

  • Calcaneal Osteotomy

“3 years ago I decided to take a big step to try and correct my bad feet. I did so and the surgery had went wrong with my previous doctor. Now, Dr. Colonel Paul Benfanti U.S. Army (ret) has corrected my feet and redid the surgery. The result is I now walk perfectly!

I don't know what I would have done without Dr. B's help.

Thanks Dr. B

Aj M.”


  • Cast

“The service was good while everyone was nice and polite. They worked fast and gentle. The docter is professional, nice and I would recommend him. Overall, I liked the service.”

Kristin C.

  • Stretch Casting

“Thank you Jonathan and Henry for taking such great care of my daughter, Elli today. Your know-how and friendly personalities really helped to ease Elli's (and Mom and Dad's) nerves when Elli got her casts today. You guys work so well with children!”

Eric S.

  • 2 Broken Arms!

“All three of our boys have received top-notch care from your clinic at various times. We recently had our youngest fall victim to over-confidence and monkey bars. An all too often occurence that your team handled with diligence, care, and expertise that is unmatched. Our youngest was in quite a bit of pain but he was all smiles after Dr Hahn, Caroline (PA), Rick and Jackie were done. Thank you so much for taking great care of him and his two broken arms! ”

Jordan Lunsford

  • Broken Forearm

“Jordan started his first day of high school with lots of excitement but the end of the day turned tragic. During football practice after school, Jordan had a collision with another player after catching the football. A phone call a mother never wants to hear is, "Your son broke his arm and he is being rushed to the ER." Dr. Hahn and his staff repaired his fracture and was very thorough in explaining the procedure and road to recovery. Luckily, Jordan will be on the football field next season and be able to enjoy what he does best!

Thanks from all my heart,

Larisa Lunsford (MOM) ”

Mary Mahi Mahi

  • Scoliosis Surgery

“Mahalo Dr. Neustadt we never forgot you after you performed a life saving seven hour spinal surgery on Stephanie Burrell on May 7th, 2007 at All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida. You saved Steph's life without you she would not be here so her life is so precious. We cannot ever repay you for doing such a delicate painstaking surgery without you her progressive congenital scoliosis on the right side with only one single right kidney would've killed her. Her degree of curvature was 74 degrees so now it's 20 degrees. Even a well known free Orthopaedic Hospital in Tampa for Children where Steph went for four years didn't have the right spinal surgeon allowed her curve to grow from 38 degrees to 74 degrees no brace it's congenital so we then were given Dr. Neustadt's name. Giving us that name made all the difference in the world so we forgive them. Stephanie has never forgotten you Dr. Neustadt you have performed a true blue miracle. Stephanie enjoyed her Make A Wish trip to Maui such wonderful memories. Now Steph lives in California age 20 with her Matthew her bff age 20 & his family as they wait until get married both having never dated before he reconnected & found her on Facebook after he had his surgery. Dr. Neustadt with his gifted hands such a skilled spinal surgeon has given Stephanie her life back to look forward to a future. If Steph didn't have this surgery her curve would've killed her as it progressed. God has worked miracles through Dr. Neustadt. We are so grateful that we chose this doctor during our nightmarish ordeal when we walked through the valley of death. Having lived in Florida for 33+ years from up north I must say this changed our lives after Steph's spinal surgery after 13 different doctors then a five hour jaw surgery when she did recover we then moved to Kailua Kona Hawaii for a fresh start in paradise. The nightmare is truly over just when I thought God abandoned us I found faith through Dr. Neustadt which renewed my faith God was here all along. That is best present ever to get a chance to live a normal life. No other doctor except Dr. Neustadt was confident he would be successful it was meant to be. Words cannot ever express our gratitude to find a spinal surgeon like Dr. Neustadt. Every child that walks in to Children's Orthopaedic & Scoliosis Associates is given a second chance to having a normal life with this doctor's office. We love Dr. Neustadt! Now Steph wants to finish college in the health field in California after going to HCC (Hawaii Community College) for one year so Aloha!

Aloha Mary Tepley ”

Anita Bryan

  • Hip Surgery

“Dear Dr. Beck,

I've been writing this letter to you over and over again because I am searching to find the words to express just how much you mean to us. Since having my oldest son Shawn 14 years ago, of whom you treated once for a fractured ankle, was I then blessed with DJ in 2009. There have been limitless physicians...some worthy, some satisfactory and a very exceptional few. YOU are among the exceptional! You answered a special calling to be not only a physician, but a surgeon who spends countless hours away from your family and life.

I do not have to remind you of how compassionate and encouraging you have been with DJ or how delightful you have been with me. You have spent time with us, helped me to comprehend your purpose, listened and heard me when I communicated my aspirations for DJ and I always felt that we are working toward the same expectancy which is nothing more or less than to embellish DJ's world and give him the tools in becoming a man of his own ultimately. You have eased the anxiety many times back in 2003 when I brought Shawn to you when he was 5 for the fractured ankle and again knowing that DJ is in your care.

After the surgery you met with my mother and I and informed us that the surgery was successful. We shook hands, parted ways but I knew then that I would never be able to repay you. There are no words to properly thank you for all that you have done. You are truly extraordinary, remarkable and your talent both in the operating room and out is a beacon of hope for the future of all your patients.

I would also like to mention that from the moment we open the office door in the Tampa location to receiving a call back in the middle of the night the compassion is sensed in every way. Everyone is patient, kindhearted and they listen. I'm certain that it helps that I too deal with countless individuals regularly and am mindful that it takes superior individuals to deal with the public and how we approach is what is received and then returned. I know that you all have your lives and your families but never did I feel that DJ's well-being was not priority to you all. From the moment surgery was complete and met with you to Dr. Smithson checking in on DJ in the middle of the night the same day of surgery before he went home to Sarah who was on call reassuring me and facilitating me through soothing my child in pain. I know that the phones are ringing constantly throughout the day and it is hard to focus when so many requests are pending. A few that I would like to reference is Derrick who appears to never have a bad day, Michele, who is always busy but goes above to help even if the something is out of her reach-she does what she can and it somehow always aids, Linda, the x-ray technician is phenomenal with the little ones and the staff who receive us to the staff who schedules our return appointments upon exiting are all too accommodating. Everyone is top notch and a Great Team who make you feel that they are one devoted family.

Thank you and God bless you all.

Mom & DJ”


  • Broken Ankle

“There is no room for a child to be scared of getting a cast. These guys made it fun and my daughter laughed the whole time.

Pictured is staff at Children's Orthpaedic & Scoliosis Surgery Associates, LLP/p>

Tampa Office”

Jennifer C

  • Fractured Foot

“Thank you to your wonderful staff for getting my daughter fitted with a cast at 5pm on a Friday. I called at 1pm for an appt and was worked in that same day much to my surprise. Henry asked my four year old daughter three times what color she wanted her cast to be and she kept replying "rainbow!". So Henry gave her a rainbow cast! Pink, blue, and purple stripes. All her friends at school loved it and her big sister was jealous as well. Thanks Henry, Dr. Warnick, and staff!”

Chmelik Family

  • Open Reduction Internal Fixation Update

“Well after 10 months of major rehabilitation and hard work my son Trent (#9 - QB Countryside HS) started his first HS football game last night. Dr. Benfanti was pretty adamant Trent probably would not play until Nov or so but all the hard work he completed on my son's foot to repair the broken toes Trent was able to play!! Thank you ever so much Dr. Benfanti!!!

The Chmelik's”